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CCTV System Installation

Triplex-Int specialise in for Riyadh based residential and commercial premises. We are proud to say that we are amongst top companies in Riyadh to provide and other security surveillance services. The main advantage of is that it can be mounted anywhere and our professional team can make them work very quickly.

is a hard job for untrained people, also there is a chance of damaging peripherals too. Your specific requirements may vary and they might be unique. Expert team at Triplex-Int will collect all your requirements and build anadoptable design. We install the surveillance cameras which can provide lifelong service and the information can be stored as long as you need it.

Triplex-Int provides complete bespoke integrated security and surveillance solution. will keep the theft away from your business. We have a dedicated team who works on and designing the network in order to protect your business.

Brands: Axis, Hikvision, Samsung, Pelco.

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